Malaga travel destinations

The best destinations on the Costa del sol


The resort town of Estepona is located on the western coast of the province of Malaga, near the province of Cadiz and situated in the vicinity of other important destinations such as Marbella, San Pedro de Alcantara or Manilva.


Nerja is a dream land that has a special charm, completely different from what you may find in other towns of the Costa del Sol. Its beaches and coves easily qualify as the best of Malaga and the atmosphere lived in the village of Nerja.


Marbella is a new paragraph in the province of Malaga, this coastal city gained its glamorous, exclusive and luxurious fame by its own merits, and proof of this are all the shops and boutiques, its hotels, services, casinos…

Puerto Banus

This port was inaugurated in 1970 and is internationall well-known for its luxury and exclusivity. It sits in forth place of the ranking of the most expensive berths with a cost of over 2000 euros a day. This maritime area has a special climate and its annual temperature is an average of 18 degrees.

The most interesting places in The Costa del Sol


The town of Ronda is located in the so-called Serrania de Ronda, within the province of Malaga, north of Estepona (66 km) and Marbella (61 km). The city is rich in monuments, culture and history.


Torremolinos is one of the first places in Malaga who joined the tourist boom of the 60s and 70s; over the years its location was conditioned to attract tourism and thus have been added new services and improvements to its facilities especially in the areas of beaches, shopping, attractions, sports…


It’s a municipality in the province of Malaga, one of the great tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol and one of the busiest in high season. In fact, Benalmadena is made up three different areas: Benalmadena village, situated by the mountain, that has the charm of the inland villages with old whitewashed houses.


Fuengirola is one of the favourite places for tourists to spend their holidays on the Costa del Sol. The town is situated among other tourism references such as Benalmadena, Mijas Pueblo or Marbella.


Frigiliana is located in an area called La Axarquia which includes all municipalities in the eastern part of the province of Malaga. The Axarquia includes coastal municipalities such as Rincon de la Victoria, Nerja or Velez-Malaga, among others.


Mijas is one of the charming villages of Malaga maintaining its original essence; the municipality known for keeping its traditional architecture of low whitewashed houses. It is certainly what draws the attention of its visitors, making it one of the favourite destinations of tourists Malaga.


The municipality of Manilva, located in the interior, is just two miles from San Luis de Sabinillas situated on the coastal area. Here in Sabinillas tourists are staying at fine hotels enjoying their beach holidays.


The municipality of Antequera is one of the largest in Andalucia and the largest in Malaga. The city has many impressive monuments, plus an enviable natural setting, a combination of factors that make it one of the most popular destinations of the province of Malaga

The best attractions in Andalucia

Sierra Nevada Sky Station

Sierra Nevada is located in the Cordillera Penibetica mountain ranges of Andalucia, in the province of Granada and a few miles from other provinces like Malaga or Almeria…


The city of Seville is a wonderful destination to spend your holidays. Its main attraction is based on the myriad of beautiful spaces you have available upon arrival, among monuments, religious buildings, parks, museums, buildings and architecture, and much more.


The best way to visit and get to know Granada is having some Tapas in the city and discover new bars that offer Tapas and beer / soft drink for a very low price, each with their own style and their own specialties; while visiting these places that we highly recommend.

The Rock of Gibraltar

When we reach the southern border of La Linea de la Concepcion (Cadiz), we’ll come across this British territory, known as the Gibraltar rock that after crossing its border, ‘La Verja’ (the gate) as it was popularly known in Spain, we’ll enter a destination located to the south of Andalusia


The city of Cadiz is perhaps one of the oldest cities in the western part of Europe, occupied since more than 3000 years; in the city settled the Iberians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Always highlighted for its beautiful beaches and its strong winds which are great for sports such as windsurfing.


Tarifa is a municipality belonging to the province of Cadiz, with a population of barely 18,000 inhabitants. The town of Tarifa is situated at the southernmost point of Europe, where meet the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the vast Atlantic Ocean