Parking at Malaga Airport

In Malaga airport will find different parking possibilities, surely one of these options will adapt to your needs.

P1 – Short term parking

The P1 parking area is located very close to the airport working perfectly for less than four to five days, or even for pick up or drop off of passengers.

P2 – Express parking

Express parking is a very particular type of parking, being recommended for people who do not need to park their vehicle for more than about 30 minutes.

P3 – Long term parking at the airport

This parking area is perfect for long stay during your vacation. You have absolute peace of mind regarding leaving your car the parking P3 and certainly it will be perfect there. This car park has a free shuttle bus to Terminal 3 in both directions, after having dropped the vehicle and when picking it up on your return.

Parking P7

The parking area of the P7 is ideal for those passengers with a private jet, thanks to its proximity to the General Aviation Terminal. Leave your car in the parking P7 and fly on your private flight, enjoying the comfort and safety of this type of parking.

Parking VIP

Another option at an attractive price is the VIP Parking. The system operates in an extremely convenient way for the customer who books it. You just have to take the car next to the entrance of Terminal 3 and there your vehicle will be collected. The collection of your vehicle will be the same way. This type of service can be extended with revisions, ITV (MOT) and even car wash.

Parking for Rent a car companies

The Levels 0 and -1 of the Express parking serve as parking for car hire companies without driver to collect the vehicle. To return the vehicle approach the P1 Parking floors -1 and -2.

Private parking

Not far from the airport, right where are situated many car rental companies, there are several parking areas owned by private companies. Despite the distance from Terminal 3, many of these parking companies offer round trip transfer for your convenience.