Malaga Port

The port of Malaga is outstanding for performing many activities in the same port area; it is divided into different areas such as the commercial port for passengers, it also functions as a marina, loading and unloading for imports and exports, has its own fishing area, berthing and receives lots of cruises annually.

All this is possible thanks to its large size and long history, from the ninth century BC, when Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians, when they would begin their establishment and operations. Over the centuries until today the port has thrived in an exponential fashion, expanding until gaining the importance it has today.

Cruises in Malaga port

The facilities at the port of Malaga can cater simultaneously several cruises, an activity that is increasing since several years and where have taken place important inversions for the many benefits it brings to the city of Malaga. Cruisers from all over world descend from cruise ships docked for several hours in order to know and stroll through the centre of Malaga or other locations, thus enriching their vacation days.

Malaga is at the level of the top cruise ports of Spain, and only slightly below the ones of Barcelona, Balearic and Canary Islands and in clear progress, something evident during the cruise season, from September to March, when on the busiest day in the port of Malaga can be docked 3 to 5 large capacity cruise ships.

Pier One / Muelle Uno

In the mid to late 2011 was inaugurated the renovated Pier One using the remaining part of land where boats and yachts are docked to build a beautiful and tempting shopping and restaurant area. A very attractive space for any visitor and which today has become one of the busiest and most popular places in Malaga.

Among the facilities at Muelle Uno we can find the following shops with beauty products, clothing, accessories and brand stores as: Lacoste, Touch Bijoux, Eme & Ene, Primor, Levis, Deichman, Yamamay, etc. Pier One has areas for leisure and entertainment for the little ones, as well as an area with restaurants such as: Small café, Kuorum, O mamma mia, Gorki, Foster’s Hollywood, El Capitán Garfio, brewery La Sureña, Lounge Bar Plaza and Spazio Nature, among others.

Pier Two / Muelle Dos

Muelle Dos has become a kind of renewed waterfront where dock smaller cruises and sailing ships. Currently it is possible to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing walk next to the sea and interesting boats. It has a nice decor with its long row of wave-shaped white sunshades, well maintained green areas and auditoriums which in the future possibly serve for exhibitions or other interesting activities.

How to get to Malaga port?

By bus, the Malaga bus line Portillo picks up passengers along the western towns of Malaga (Torremolinos, Benalmadena or Fuengirola) and brings them to the stop of Pier Heredia, a few meters from the port.
By train to the port of Malaga, we can take the suburban train from any of its stops and stations; the last stop is at the beginning of Alameda Principal, from there it’s less than a kilometre´s walk to our destination.
Book a Malaga airport transfer; with this service that our company offers, you can go to the port of Malaga or anywhere you require without having to wait or worry about parking or other disadvantages of taking public transportation. You might find interesting to know that we also pick up from here, which is very useful if you come with a cruise and stopover in Malaga to visit the most interesting places in the province.
Car rental at the airport is an option to consider. You can rent a car from leading companies such as: Aurigacrown,, Autopro, Atesa, Recordgo, etc. and drive to the port. Need parking? Read the text below.

Where to park your car?

The best place to park is the parking located at Pier One, or in the parking lot of the Plaza de la Marina located on the main street of the centre of Malaga, the Alameda Principal.